Canadian Arctic

As one of the largest Arctic countries in the world, we have a responsibility as Canadian to learn more about our great wilderness. We have to watch out for oil companies and others destroying the environment and hurting the animals. We’re working toward ridding all industrial work in our great white north in order save not only the land, but the ocean as well. Our Arctic campaign needs your help!

Energy & Climate

We’re moving toward clean energy, but it’s not enough! We need action now. Let’s start making changes that lead away from such dangers as nuclear energy and stop activities that cause climate change. We need to be concerned about the health and other safety risks posed by what we’ve already done so far on the planet. Help us change the world for the better moving forward and stop us from certain destruction.

Canadian Forests

Our great Boreal forests are some of the most rpecious, ocygen producing lands on the planet. They’re home to plants, animals, indigenous residents of Canada among thousands of insect and other forms of life that don’t deserve to be thrown out of their homes. Over 80% of the world’s ancients forests are gone already. We need these areas to help live as human beings. Help us change the laws to prevent the loss of our great forests!

Canadian Oceans

We need to stop the mercury poisoning, the over fishing and the great dangers of toxic ocean pollution. The growing and increased demand for seafood has led to terrible fishing conditions, wasteful practices and food chain problems. We need to ease the pressure on the ocean ecosystem and restore balance to the sea which helps us thrive and life. Many underwater species face extinction and it’s up to us to make a difference.



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